Photo of Wyke Regis Coastguard Rescue Vehicle
2 persons in Dinghy
Portland harbour
Date / Time:
Sunday 09th Sep 2018 - 19:49 » 21:10
#092 / 2018

Whilst returning from the previous incident one of the teams action men with 'eagle eyes' spotted something amiss in Portland harbour in the fading light. So we duly pulled into Ferrybridge for a closer look through a pair of binoculars. Sure enough, two persons in a dinghy were seen to be clinging to the matchstick which is someway from shore. The NMOC were informed and the Portland harbour rib was dispatched to go and fetch them. The team then relocated to Portland Sailing academy and met them. They had suffered engine failure, despite having pass they were unable to make any headway in to the wind much like our earlier paddle boarder. Fortunately they were able to halt their seaward progress when reaching the matchstick. Other than a little cold the pair were otherwise ok. Safety advice given.

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