Photo of Wyke Regis Coastguard Rescue Vehicle
Kite surfer
Portland harbour
Date / Time:
Sunday 09th Sep 2018 - 16:56 » 18:00
#090 / 2018

A kite surfer was reported in difficulties in Portland harbour after becoming separated from his kite just after 1700hrs. Both the team and Weymouth Lifeboat ILB were paged and proceeded to Ferrybridge car park. On our arrival a male was seen wading ashore with his board. He was checked over and did not require any further assistance.
Unfortunately his wife had left shore on a borrowed SUP and headed in the direction of the kite. which had been left tied to a pot bouy. The paddle boarder missed the kite and subsequently could not paddle against the wind and drifted further from shore. The ILB recovered both the paddle boarder (now a casualty) and kite back to the teams location at Ferrybridge.
Stern safety advice was given regarding the danger of trying to chase and recover equipment abandoned in an off shore wind. No thought had been given to the strength of wind further out and how difficult the return journey would be on an inflatable SUP with a folded kite. The team then returned to station.

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