Photo of Wyke Regis Coastguard Rescue Vehicle
persons stuck
Cliff Rescue
West Cliff
Date / Time:
Sunday 07th Oct 2018 - 14:15 » 16:38
#100 / 2018

The full team were paged at 14:11 and tasked to back up our flank team, Portland Bill CRT.

The NMOC had been called by two walkers who had got into difficulties, close to St. George’s church, Portland. The casualties made their way from a path, but had become stuck around 15 meters from the top, and had sensibly called in Coastguard assistance.

Both teams made their way to the approximate casualty location, sending out search teams to pinpoint the exact whereabouts. Shortly afterwards one of the teams radioed in an updated location near to Blacknor, and both teams relocated to RV directly at the cliff top.

When on scene, two cliff technicians were rigged up to go in tandem and extricate the casualties. Both casualties reported they were uninjured, although one had been suffering panic attacks due to their precarious situation. The two cliff technicians then descended to the casualties, and in turn both casualties were lowered with the cliff technicians to the pathway below. When safely at the pathway, the casualties and technicians walked back to RV with the Bill Team.

With all casualties and technicians accounted for, both teams were stood down and returned to base.

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