Photo of Wyke Regis Coastguard Rescue Vehicle
Persons stuck on cliff
Date / Time:
Thursday 18th Oct 2018 - 20:35 » 22:45
#102 / 2018

The full team were paged at 20:35 to reports of two persons stuck on a cliff, believed to be Redcliffe, near Bowlease Cove, Weymouth. The casualties had raised the alarm after becoming stuck trying to make their way back up to their vehicle parked at the top of a cliff. The casualties reported they had very little battery life left on their phone, agreeing to ring off, but stay in their location, and signal using the phone torch as soon as they spotted search teams.

Upon arrival, initial team members were paired off and started to search from the base and top of the cliff towards Bowlease Cove from the Spyglass Pub. This search yielded no immediately obvious casualties, and due to the potential increased search area, both Portland Bill CRT and Rescue 175 were also tasked to the incident. Whilst team members continued searching, a distant light was spotted toward the Ringstead area, which when signalled, signalled directly back. The location was then relayed to the Wyke MRU which repositioned itself toward Redcliffe Point.

Upon arrival, Rescue 175 was directed toward the source of the light spotted near the Ringstead area, whilst Portland Bill CRT searched from the Rodwell Trail area of Weymouth, in case the casualties may have been in the Underbarn, near to Bincleaves. Shortly after arrival at Ringstead, Rescue 175 reported they had located both casualties, who were apparently unharmed, and stuck mid way up the cliff between Ringstead Beach and the upper Ringstead carpark.

With this news, all search teams were asked to relocate to the Ringstead area to await confirmation from Rescue 175 as to the best method of casualty extraction. Whilst en route, Rescue 175 confirmed they were happy to winch both casualties directly, of which they would then be relayed to a suitable landing site. Rescue 175 then winched both casualties and landed directly in the lower carpark at Ringstead, where they were met by Wyke and Portland team members.

Rescue 175 then departed scene. The casualties were then relayed by vehicle back to their vehicle at the top carpark, Ringstead. With the casualties safe and well, all teams were allowed to stand down.

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