Photo of Wyke Regis Coastguard Rescue Vehicle
3 x paddleboarders
Portland Harbour
Date / Time:
Sunday 28th Oct 2018 - 09:43 » 11:37
#104 / 2018

The full team were paged at 09:43 to reports of three paddle boarders in difficulty near to Sandsfoot Castle, Portland Harbour. A concerned member of the public had rung in reporting three boarders hugging the wall from the Northern entrance, heading for the Bincleaves area. Weymouth Lifeboat ALB was also tasked to perform a search of Portland Harbour, covering Newton’s Cove.

The team assembled at the CRE and split into search teams, heading towards Newton’s Cove and Sandsfoot. One of the search teams met with two paddle boarders coming from the Newton’s Cove area. They informed us they were part of a larger group who had taken advantage of the wind direction and planned an informal downwind trip from Ringstead to the North entrance of the Breakwater, ultimately planning to end up at either Sandsfoot or Castletown. The group agreed their preferred landing spots before deperting with some now heading to Newton’s Cove, some towards Sandsfoot, and some to the original Castletown exit. The member of the public had seen the group heading towards Sandsfoot and raised the alarm, due to concerns they were having difficulties. This was the right thing to do, however, none of the paddleboarders were infact in any difficulties and all reached their chosen destination. With this news, the teams then informed the NMOC and proceed to check that other members had also arrived safely at their designated disembarkation points. The group given safety advice regarding communication and asked to consider calling the National Maritime Operations Centre (NMOC) on 02392 552100, pre-advising their intentions.

With all paddle boarders accounted for, the team were stood down and allowed to return to base.

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