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Kite surfer
Weymouth Bay
Date / Time:
Thursday 08th Nov 2018 - 15:05 » 16:48
#107 / 2018

The full team was paged at 14:53 to reports of a kite surfer in difficulties off of the Sealife Tower, Weymouth. The first informant had reported seeing a kite surfer with a black kite come off their board in the rough seas, and did not appear to have got back onto their equipment, making them raise the alarm. Due to the initial reports, both Weymouth Lifeboat ILB and Coastguard Helicopter Rescue 175 were tasked to the incident.

The team made their way to the Sealife Tower where the ILB commenced an immediate search of the area the casualty was last seen. As a Mayday relay had been made on Channel 16, a Navy Merlin helicopter on exercise in the area flew into Weymouth Bay and offered assistance to look for the casualty until Rescue 175 arrived on scene, working with the Lifeboat to identify possible targets from the air.

Whilst searching, Wyke Mobile went and met with the first informant to ascertain a view from their vantage point, directing the ILB to the possible targets within the casualty location. When in this area, the ILB reported back the only objects were pot marker buoys and flags from local fishing vessels. The mobile was then redirected to do a sweeping search of the bay towards the Oasis Cafe area, popular as an entry point for water sports enthusiasts. The ILB continued to search a directed area by the NMOC as Rescue 175 arrived on scene. With the Coastguard Helo now in the vicinity, the Navy Merlin departed the area with thanks for their assistance.

When at Oasis Cafe Wyke Mobile spoke to some local windsurfers who reported seeing two kite surfers, one with an orange kite, the other predominantly black, get out of the water at Oasis shortly after the alarm was raised. This was reported back to the NMOC as the main search continued in the bay. Shortly after this point the ILB spoke to fishermen on the Pleasure Pier to see if they had seen any kite surfers in the general area. These fishermen also confirmed seeing two kite surfer, one with a black kite, heading to the Oasis Cafe area a short while before the ILB had commenced it's first search. At this point, the windsurfers at Oasis Cafe came back to the MRU and confirmed speaking directly with the two local kite surfers who were both now packed away and safely at home.

With all indications that the potential casualty had made their way safely from the water, and all search teams reporting thorough searches yielding no results, the NMOC concluded this was a false alarm with good intent. With this, all resources were stood down from the incident.

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