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Long Service Award 20th February 2015 Friday marked a very special occasion for the team, Richard “Leggy” Legg’s official award ceremony for twenty years’ continuous service with the Wyke Coastguard more
Added by: Mark Fagg - 21st Apr 2015
Challenge Weymouth 14th September 2014 It was autumn 2013 when Mark Fagg, the Station Officer for Wyke Regis Coastguard Rescue team, recklessly announced his intention to participate in the more
Added by: Malcolm Wright - 21st Oct 2014
A quick update on former team member Malcolm Wright. On 18th July Malcolm attended Windsor Castle. Malcolm, who was awarded an MBE in the New Year's Honours List received more
Added by: Mark Fagg - 04th Aug 2014
Wessex FM Local Hero Awards 20th June 2014 On the 20th June four members of the Wyke CRT were honoured to accept the Wessex FM Local Hero Services Award, on more
Added by: Mark Fagg - 06th Jul 2014
Former team member Malcolm Wright will celebrate the New Year this evening knowing he is on the New Years honors list. He receives an MBE for 40 years service more
Added by: Mark Fagg - 31st Dec 2013
Former Station Officer Malcolm Wright and the current Station Officer, Mark Fagg both received long service awards on the evening of 15th November. Mark 20 years and Malcolm a more
Added by: Mark Fagg - 25th Nov 2013
Congratulations Malcolm on 40 years of service in HM Coastguard today Having only served 20 years I do not feel qualified to comment on Malcolms 40 years of service more
Added by: Mark Fagg - 24th Oct 2013
Latest 5 Callouts
Icon showing Search Kite surfer  #110 / 2018
11th November 2018 - 13:43
The team were paged at 1343 to reports of a kitesurfer waving for help off Overcombe.
Solent Coastguard had received a call from a member of the public reporting a kite surfer who appeared to be in trouble. The duty IRT proceeded as did Weymouth Lifeboat ILB.
On route to the kite surfer, the crew of the lifeboat came across a windsurfer with a broken rig who had apparently been on his way out to assist the kite surfer before getting into difficulties himself.
The lifeboat crew took the windsurfer on board and then proceeded to the reported position of the kite surfer. This turned out to have changed as the kite surfer who had become detached from his rig had drifted a considerable distance from the first reported position. A short search soon located him some 500m from the beach at Bowlease.
The kite surfer and windsurfer were recovered from the water were returned to the beach at Bowlease to be met by the team
The Coastguard would always encourage members of the public who see anyone in trouble on the sea to dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard, giving as much information as they can about what and where they have seen it.
Icon showing Medical Evacuation M&G Yacht  #109 / 2018
10th November 2018 - 17:41
The team were paged at 17:41 and asked to provide IRT cover to meet a 40ft French registered yacht in Weymouth Harbour. The vessel had earlier issued a Channel 16 Mayday due to a crew member being washed overboard approximately 20nm from Portland Bill.

The vessel suffered complications trying to retrieve the initial casualty due to the very rough conditions, snagging its spinnaker, resulting in a second casualty aboard. The initial casualty was recovered from the water after the crew managed to free the spinnaker, and retrace their course. Both casualties were bought to the harbour for medical assessment.

The duty IRT met with the yacht and SWAST, assisting with initial assessment and patient transfer. The casualties were both further assessed on scene by SWAST and taken to DCH as a precaution due to probable salt water inhalation.
Icon showing Search Multiple persons in water  #108 / 2018
10th November 2018 - 12:09
The full team were paged at 12:09 to reports of four missing kite surfer near Castle Cove Sailing Club, Weymouth. A heavy squall had passed through Portland Harbour and numerous reports of potential casualties had come through. Portland Bill CRT, both Weymouth Lifeboat and Coastguard Rescue 175 also tasked to incident. Coastguard operations NMOC issued a broadcast to make vessels in the area aware.

Upon departing the CRE, Wyke MRU was redirected to Billy Winters to establish communications, whilst further team members were sent to Castle Cove Sailing Club to gain vantage. Both Weymouth Lifeboat entered Portland Harbour, searching for casualties. Portland Sailing Academy safety boats soon reported picking up all casualties, but some equipment was still outstanding. Further reports of two missing windsurfer were then received, so resources were tasked to locate. One windsurfer located by safety boat, second located sheltering at Smallmouth Bay, rejoining when a break in the weather allowed. Portland Bill CRT established some of missing equipment was located at the Sailing Academy and reported this to the NMOC to pass on details and reunite to owners.

With all casualties accounted for, all resources were stood down from the incident, although both MRU remained on scene until subsequent squalls had passed, in case of further incidents.
Icon showing Search Kite surfer  #107 / 2018
08th November 2018 - 15:05
The full team was paged at 14:53 to reports of a kite surfer in difficulties off of the Sealife Tower, Weymouth. The first informant had reported seeing a kite surfer with a black kite come off their board in the rough seas, and did not appear to have got back onto their equipment, making them raise the alarm. Due to the initial reports, both Weymouth Lifeboat ILB and Coastguard Helicopter Rescue 175 were tasked to the incident.

The team made their way to the Sealife Tower where the ILB commenced an immediate search of the area the casualty was last seen. As a Mayday relay had been made on Channel 16, a Navy Merlin helicopter on exercise in the area flew into Weymouth Bay and offered assistance to look for the casualty until Rescue 175 arrived on scene, working with the Lifeboat to identify possible targets from the air.

Whilst searching, Wyke Mobile went and met with the first informant to ascertain a view from their vantage point, directing the ILB to the possible targets within the casualty location. When in this area, the ILB reported back the only objects were pot marker buoys and flags from local fishing vessels. The mobile was then redirected to do a sweeping search of the bay towards the Oasis Cafe area, popular as an entry point for water sports enthusiasts. The ILB continued to search a directed area by the NMOC as Rescue 175 arrived on scene. With the Coastguard Helo now in the vicinity, the Navy Merlin departed the area with thanks for their assistance.

When at Oasis Cafe Wyke Mobile spoke to some local windsurfers who reported seeing two kite surfers, one with an orange kite, the other predominantly black, get out of the water at Oasis shortly after the alarm was raised. This was reported back to the NMOC as the main search continued in the bay. Shortly after this point the ILB spoke to fishermen on the Pleasure Pier to see if they had seen any kite surfers in the general area. These fishermen also confirmed seeing two kite surfer, one with a black kite, heading to the Oasis Cafe area a short while before the ILB had commenced it's first search. At this point, the windsurfers at Oasis Cafe came back to the MRU and confirmed speaking directly with the two local kite surfers who were both now packed away and safely at home.

With all indications that the potential casualty had made their way safely from the water, and all search teams reporting thorough searches yielding no results, the NMOC concluded this was a false alarm with good intent. With this, all resources were stood down from the incident.
Icon showing Marine FV Wey Bay  #106 / 2018
08th November 2018 - 08:48
Full team paged just before 0900 to investigate reports of a fishing vessel adrift in Weymouth Bay. The duty IRT proceeded along with @Weymouth ILB. After initial searches found nothing a further interview of the First Informant enabled us to identify a vessel which was going about its normal business as the potential casualty. The FI confirmed this is what she had seen. Weymouth ILB questioned the fisherman and he confirmed he was in the area at the time the report was made. Both assets were stoods down to return to station.
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