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3 Long Service Medals
Added By: Mark Fagg -19th November 2019 15:55
On Friday 15th November 2019 the team (current and retired), family & friends, flank team members, SAR Flight crew, previous Portland MRCC staff, and Weymouth RNLI crew gathered at Weymouth Sailing Club to honour three serving, and three prior team members for their outstanding contribution to HM Coastguard.

Twenty year long service and good conduct medals were presented to current team members:

Paul Norman - 23 years continuous service.
Andy Leach - 20 years continuous service.
Anthony Goss - 20 years continuous service.

Validictory certificates were presented to retired members of the team for their prior services to HM Coastguard:

Nick Massey (Current Weymouth Lifeboat Deputy 2nd Coxswain)
Neil Robbins (Current serving Fisherman’s Mission)
Steve Renyard (Current serving Weymouth Lifeboat DLA)

All presentations were made by Coastguard Area Commander - Tom Wright, Senior Coastal Operations Officer - Rob Sansom, and Wyke Station Officer - Mark Fagg.

Tom gave a background on individual team members achievements, and gave thanks not only to team members, but also personally acknowledged the overwhelming commitment and dedication demonstrated by the families during their services to HM Coastguard.

Tom’s sited his personal reason for joining the Wyke Team as his father, Malcolm Wright (previous Wyke SO, and current Lifeboat DLA) stating the team is very special to him, serving personally with the three long service medal recipients. Tom stated the Wyke team has a combined 175+ years Coastguard experience within the current serving team, six members of whom have have served at least 20 years with the Wyke Team. An outstanding achievement by any standards!

Team thanks go to all those who attended and made the evening so special, with further thanks to Weymouth Sailing Club for being such gracious hosts.
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