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Malcolm-40 years service
Added By: Mark Fagg -24th October 2013 17:30
Congratulations Malcolm on 40 years of service in HM Coastguard today

Having only served 20 years I do not feel qualified to comment on Malcolms 40 years of service in H M Coastguard, but as the current serving Station Officer I feel I must.

Malcolm has selflessly dedicated much of his spare time to H M Coastguard and the Wyke Regis Coastguard Rescue Team. From the early years as a watch keeper at the lookout on Portland to the last 30 or so years spent on call. During this time he has attended hundreds of incidents both day and night. His commitment has been unstinting and has not waivered over time. After 21 years Malcolm became the Deputy Station Officer which was in 1994. Immediately some subtle changes were implemented, duties were shared amongst the Team. This allowed more team members to be on duty, or to maintain the equipment thus allowing us all to gain essential experience. This had a huge impact on the team, he empowered us and this is just one of many reasons why Malcolm has the greatest respect and admiration from us all.

Malcolm took over as Station Officer on 1st February 2001, during the 8½ years of his leadership his dedication and enthusiasm were outstanding. He attended countless incidents during this time, two of which were both very serious and demanding on the Team. Three young lives were lost but Malcolm’s persuasive but sympathetic style helped the Team continue against all the odds in severe and challenging weather. One of the casualties was known to Malcolm as he had taught them and he went over and above the call of duty to help. For both incidents the Team received a Chief Coastguards Commendation. He has been an ambassador for the Coastguard and he will be greatly missed when he leaves us in a few weeks time.

On retirement from his successful teaching career Malcolm joined the Coastguard Service as a full time paid Watch Officer vacating his role as Station Officer at Wyke but continuing to be a full and active member of the Team. He will remain at the MRCC until its closure in September 2014. His voluntary work serving the local community will continue when he takes on a new challenge with the RNLI.

I thank Malcolm for the support and guidance he has given me over the years, not only as a Coastguard, but as a friend too. He is a valued friend both to myself and my family and I am sure this will continue for many years to come.

Mark Fagg, Station Officer Wyke Regis Coast Rescue Team

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