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Challenge Weymouth 14th September 2014
It was autumn 2013 when Mark Fagg, the Station Officer for Wyke Regis Coastguard Rescue team, recklessly announced his intention to participate in the Challenge Weymouth 2014 – the Ironman Triathlon. An all too easy statement to make, you could say, but to actually train and complete such a challenge requires determination that is beyond most of us.
The Challenge required Mark to complete a 3.8 k swim, a 180 k bike ride, followed by a 42.2 k run. To prepare for this challenge he has trained relentlessly swimming, running and cycling over colossal distances irrespective of the weather. Not only did he complete the challenge, but he did it well!
Mark considered the swim to be his weakest discipline and prior to training, had never swum further than 1mile and this only in a pool some 15 years ago!! Swim training began in earnest in January 2014, with lunchtime visits to the local pool, over the first 3 months this rose to 100 lengths in 1hr.
During March, running and bike training began, his maximum run at this stage was a half marathon training session. The first week of training was just 7 hrs total which would rise to 20 hours per week prior to the event itself. Total distances covered during training were, 102 mile swim, 3675mile cycle and 808 mile run! This all in 345 hours.
On the day itself – 14th September, Coastguard and Lifeboat crews were “ out and about” throughout, cheering on number 382 – Faggy. Whenever we saw him around the routes, he looked strong and paced himself well.
It was a delight to see Mark’s daughter Mollie meet him at the Pleasure Pier on his final circuit and run with him over the finish line – a superb time of 10 hours 27 mins 54 seconds!
Mark is typically modest about his achievements, but all who know him will join together in congratulating him on a sterling effort! I for one, am really proud of him for such an endeavour! Now, about 2015 ..........
Malcolm Wright

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